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Burgess & Partners Plumbing Services has COMMITTED to do the following: "To be the best at what we do through the SERVICE we provide, and the WORK we do, for our CUSTOMERS." WHERE WE COME FROM Chris Burgess founded Burgess and Partners plumbing Services 38 years ago and has grown the business from humble beginnings to its current relevance as a trusted plumbing service provider across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. I soon realised that I could never do this on my own, and needed to be more expansive in my thinking. I needed to create the togetherness through people, find the right people, treasure them, harness them, and help them build the “we” for all of us VALUING PEOPLE In 1992 the greater vision of Chris introduced a name change and shifted the focus to the more specialised service industry though still incorporating contracting. This new vision primarily held the intention to grow the business and through the realization of the value of his employees created various partnerships, which has proven and continues to prove to be the success and growth of Burgess and Partners until today. OUR GOALS To ensure total customer satisfaction in both technical and service areas To continually review and improve our service with the aim of widening our clientele base ensuring client loyalty and increase market share To ensure that our fees are comparable with the service we provide To maintain a business renowned for its innovative and passionate approach to customer satisfaction To encourage growth ,loyalty and commitment with all our employees OUR COMMITMENT TO SERVICE Over the years, through our commitment to the plumbing industry, the standard of service we provide, whether big or small, by maintaining our value, integrity, honesty and trust within ourselves our company, our staff, our stakeholders and most importantly our customers, we at Burgess and Partners have built and will continue to build and improve on our specialist service, respect and recognition the brand Burgess and Partners has within the industry and the public at large. INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Burgess and Partners strength lies not only with ensuring 100% commitment to customers satisfaction but also with the vast wealth of plumbing experience that collectively, lies within the company. We have over 180 years of management level experience. This accumulates to vast experience in all facets of the plumbing industry. LEADING THE WAY In creating a brand that is synonymous with quality, value and great service in every home, office and factory is the reason why Burgess and Partners are and continue to be innovative leaders in the industry.


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